Street and Landscape


Jillian is a 24 year-old photographer from Detroit, Michigan. Her photography stands out with her documentation of simple and beautiful moments, as well as her unique usage of light and color. She mainly focuses on landscape and street photography; although her experience consists of everything from portraits to concert photography. Her travels are seen through her photographs - which have been taken in countries across Europe, as well as various parts of the United States, Canada, and Iceland.

Both her landscape and street photography has been featured in publications, such as Trafalgar Travel Magazine and der Freitag German Weekly. Her photos have been featured on several renowned Instagram accounts, such as life_is_street, eyeshot_magazine, hellyeahdetroit, bcncollective, streetizm, and more. Jillian has also featured in several art exhibitions; including 'RAW natural born artists' exhibit hosted in Detroit. 

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