Street and Landscape


Jillian Meyer is a 24 year-old photographer from Detroit, Michigan, specializing in street and landscape photography. Photography has been her preferred hobby since she was just a teenager, but her passion for street photography wasn't born until she moved to Spain for a year in 2018. Since then, her Fuji x100F hardly ever leaves her hands. Aside from her passion for photography, Jillian also has a passion for seeing the world. Her travels are seen through her photographs - which have been taken in countries across Europe, as well as various parts of the United States, Canada, and Iceland. As a street photographer, Jillian has a knack for capturing scenes that evoke a feeling of nostalgia in a visually striking way. Her hope is that she can create something that is not only visually pleasing, but also makes the viewer feel something.

Both her landscape and street photography has been featured in publications, such as Trafalgar Travel Magazine and der Freitag German Weekly. Her photos have also been featured on several well-known social accounts including: life_is_street, eyeshot_magazine, hellyeahdetroit, bcncollective, streetizm and more.  

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